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On the 10.09.2022

Site du Malsaucy

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Département du Territoire de Belfort
Hôtel du Département 6 place de la révolution française 90 000 Belfort

Let’s meet on 10 September on the Malsaucy peninsula to celebrate the end of the Centenary of the Territoire de Belfort and experience an evening about an “aquatic dream”. Confluence is the resonance of the elements, carried by the brilliance of the notes for the benefit of emotion. This exceptional show will bring together for the first time the jazzman André Manoukian and the international open theatre company “Ilotopie” on the occasion of the Centenary of the Territoire de Belfort. All the ingredients will be present to spend a timeless evening for young and old… It’s not every day you turn 100!

Carried by André Manoukian and the singers “Les Balkanes” and DJ Benak, the beach of Lac du Malsaucy will act as a musical thread thanks to the poignant repertoire of the jazzman and the accuracy of the deejay’s interventions. The water surfaces, untouched by urban development, will be the field of expression of the company “Ilotopie” which, through a succession of aquatic and aerial tableaux and evolutions, will put this musical journey into image.

Confluence is a unique combination, seeking to bring together the arts to create emotion in a unique show, retracing a century of history.




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